Director / DOP

Aaron Chervenak

Aaron Chervenak is a Director and Director of Photography based in Europe and the United States. Working worldwide, he specializes in commercials, branded content and travel/adventure subjects, while regularly shooting for VICE. His “IBIS Expedition” campaign was nominated for a Golden Lion at Cannes. In 2018, Aaron directed a global social media campaign for the NGO “CARE” which won a Bronze Lion at “Cannes,” a Grand Prix, Gold and Bronze at “Strategies,” and Gold at “The One Club”

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Director of Photography

Jasper Granderath

Jasper Granderath is a Berlin and Los Angeles based Director of Photography, he focuses on stories about social, cultural and political issues of global relevance in his work.He earned his BA in Film at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2009. From 2009 until 2011 Jasper continued his education at the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Here he enjoyed the mentorship of Stephen Lighthill ASC, Bob Primes ASC, Nancy Schreiber ASC and Bill Dill ASC. He completed the program with a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography in 2011.The experience he gained on a wide variety of projects enables Jasper to develop and execute a visual plan that will elevate the storytelling of feature films, documentaries as well as commercials to the next level. Jasper’s strength as a Cinematographer is his sensibility for the details of the story and his ability to master the tools it takes to bring those details to the screen. Jasper sees it as his responsibility to ensure that the cinematography always gets inspired by the story but never compromises it.

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Director / Video Editor

Mark Othmer

Mark Othmer is a Director and Video Editor based in Berlin. With every project he focuses on telling stories, while looking for the perfect combination of music and moving content.After studying culture and art history at Humboldt University Berlin, Mark positioned himself as a video editor in the field. Working together with musicians like Asbjørn and Super Flu he editedmusic videos, as well as commercials and branded content for clients like N26, Zalando and Rimowa.Gaining experience from working on set with Jonas Lindström and Sylvie Weber, he took it uponhimself, to become a director as well. With several short films and music videos under his belt,Mark specializes in narrative heavy, rhythmic content.As a director he is drawing from his experience in video editing, allowing him to plan out– and set up shots accordingly, always knowing what will work best in postproduction, as well as condense narrative to its core, enabling him to present a lot of content within very limited timeframes.In order to solidify his experience as a director further, Mark is studying film direction at FilmArchein Berlin, setting up the groundwork to become a director for cinema in the near future.

Director / DOP / Composer

Río Sierra

Rio Sierra is a Director, DOP and  Music Composer based in Berlin and Madrid with more than 15 years of experience working on fashion, advertising and music. After concluding his studies in sound and light design in Madrid, Rio moved to San Francisco (California) to further develop his music career.There, he got involved in music production with artists from the Pacific Sound Collective. He also worked as a sound engineer at Vision Guilt Recording Studios 2OO1 – 2OO5.In 2OO6, he became deeply involved in film and worked together with Eugenio Recuenco and Eric Dover in productions for brands such as Loewe.In 2OO8, Rio taught Music Production at University Carlos III Madrid and currently,since 2O16, he teaches the Fashion Film Masterclass at HTW Berlin – University of Applied Science.